Intellectual Property & Grant Content

Financial support from institutional sources is a significant source of revenue for charities and not-for-profit organizations. Approximately 70% of service-delivery agency budgets come from government and foundations, as well as from other sources such as associations, service clubs, corporate employee bodies and religious institutions. 


Grant income can be essential for your sustainability and growth.  Accessing these funds takes knowledge, skill and strategy. And it is competitive out there - your proposals need to be successful. Your clients depend on it. 


  • Your organization will flourish with winning proposals.  


  • Your organization will flourish with an investment in its grant development capacity.


Some of the supports we offer are as follows, but not limited to;

Meeting and organizational assessment

  • Website and content review

  • Editing and formatting of original content

  • Bio/CV audit and edit

  • Development of draft documents

  • Ad-hoc supports 

  • CRA online question review, revision and content development

  • Outsource to Intuit in-house graphic designer

  • Grant development

  • Budget and work-plan development