Victor Beausoleil has been a great help to our organization. I am thankful for the generosity he has shown us with his width and breath of knowledge & experience. He went above and beyond on our behalf on more than one occasion.

Joel Witten, Inspiration Republic

Intuit consulting will provide a needs analysis on your business and provide a boutique of services to deliver viable solutions. Shana exudes a highly professional attitude and has a keen aptitude for excellence and creative consulting.
They has taken my business to the next level
Jermaine Anderson, Fifty for Free
"Victor Beausoleil's work is truly inspiring and his leadership on YCF initiatives has had an astounding
impact on many communities" - Michael "Pinball" Clemmons Chair of the Toronto Argonauts
"Shana is very professional and punctual in all her interactions. She is thorough and able to grasp new tasks quickly and supports setting up processes. Overall she has been a real asset to our business and if she takes on a task, you can be rest assured it will be handled diligently." - Kanair Inc.